Campaign in the Classrooms –

Tutelage Launch

Campaign in the classrooms –

Who are the teachers?
The teacher’s profession is the most rewarding job in the world and they are an institution. They built nations. Today the noble and traditional profession is under pressure as students are more intelligent and have exposure to the knowledge base. There are question banks, e-learning portals, apps in iPads and information is available at the tip of their fingers.
So what role does a teacher play in today’s classroom?

Teachers have to change themselves as catalysts between the knowledge and the students. Teach them how to acquire knowledge and how to use it in their day to day life.

The Ancient Indian Education system was an Apprenticeship – where students at Gurukul were trained practically in various aspects of life. Learning happens in the midst of nature in a musical atmosphere with sounds from the waterfalls, chirping of birds, reciting slokas and at the same time they developed the skills of interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence being with students from various economic and cultural backgrounds. What I would like to mention here is, multiple intelligence existed even in those days within the Gurukul System of Learning and also existed the sand play and water play.
When our education system is so strong and we are not far behind in getting the best learning aids and teaching methodologies in the classroom still we are a failure in giving the best to our students. Why are our students turning into humans without interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, anti-social elements and corrupt leaders? Why is a 17 year old boy part of heinous crime against women? Where are we going wrong? What are we teaching our students in the classrooms?

Have we become teachers without passion and more interested in monetary gains? Is our responsibility to enter a classroom and teach only Maths or English or Science and then walk out? I was looking for an answer for all these questions and I got it from one of a Co passenger when I was on transit for one of my official visits to Hyderabad. The parent spoke to me at length and expressed his unhappiness about how his children are getting away from the traditional Indian values in spite of studying in one of the top schools in Bangalore. He was pointing out at how his kids are not even aware about respecting elders at home and the core values which you and I were brought up. His question was what steps are being taken to introduce and teach these values in the classroom. He preferred his children to be stronger on Indian values so that when they get into the global world they do not lose out on these values and be a perfect human being.

There are many who have these questions in them and waiting for teachers to play an important role.
The world is looking at teachers as unique path makers who pave the way for the coming generations by giving them holistic and all round education. They want them to work in the classroom to develop the socioeconomic status of students, create environmental awareness among them, teach them on how to preserve the rich culture and instill integrity so that they promote good governance as leaders of tomorrow. I feel that this 4 point formula should be in every teacher’s manifest when they campaign in the classrooms.


2 responses to “Campaign in the Classrooms –

  1. Yasmin

    September 8, 2015 at 4:25 am

    Totally agree with you ,Sir.Though late, but wishing my great teacher a happy teacher’s day and success in all your endeavours.

  2. umri

    September 9, 2015 at 1:27 am

    Thanks Yasmin!!!


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