Connecting Dots


Creator – centre of focus in our classrooms!!!

How valuable are our traditions? Are we inculcating our traditions in our children? Indian society has a vast and diversified culture with rich heritage and traditions. Our traditions are like those trees which has revelations from the Creator and examples/incidents from Prophets, Rishis and scholars in ancient Indian History.

Trees are our life savers and this doesn’t need me to explain the scientific reasons. We get abundant resources from a tree which plays an important role in Human Beings life. Similarly our Traditions/Principles also play an important role in our lives, success in this life and hereafter. The tree has roots, scientifically roots are the ones which give the tree all the ingredients which makes it grow stronger and taller. What better ingredients do we need than the revelations of Creator and adding to this is the entire life history of Prophet PBUH which cannot be ignored at any level and at any dimensions of our lives. What we need to understand from this is that a tree grows as days pass and becomes stronger. Are our faith and values also becoming stronger when we are under this tree? Are we learning at every stage of our life as we grow with the tree? Or, are we just using it to protect ourselves from the evil forces and prove our existence under the tree? Our persona is so narrow and superstitious at every step of our life. We are growing with the tree physically but not spiritually. We do not want to share and give, we always expect the opposite to give us. The truth is we do not have in us or we try to develop habits to read, understand, implement and inspire others. If we are compared to the tree; is not the tree a better teacher?

As a teacher in today’s classroom, what role do we play and what should be our pedagogy?

First, we need to change and become catalysts between the knowledge and the students. We need to guide them on how to acquire knowledge and how they use it in their day to day life.  Teachers are the backbone of any educational institution and act as mentors. Mentors need to learn-unlearn-relearn for every class.

Second, our civilization should be the center of focus for a teacher as it has complete package, Art, Values, Family Structure, Philosophy, Science, Business, etc. you name it and we have it. It is important that we learn how to interpret the revelations and understand them through our traditions.

Third, we need to understand who we are? What are we here for? A difficult question to answer for myself because I haven’t understood this so far to the fullest.

If we read this verse from Qur’an Chapter 2:156: “Indeed we belong to Creator, and indeed to Him we will return” &

In Gita Krishna clarifies to Arjuna in Chapter 13 – I quote This purpose is very simple. From God you have come, and to God you must return; that is all!” we understand that we are on a journey and we have been sent by Him and verily return to Him one day.

Therefore making the children understand this will drive them towards the purpose and make them responsible. Remember we had accepted the responsibility as in Quran Chapter 33: 72 – “Indeed, we offered the Trust to the heavens and the earth and the mountains, and they declined to bear it and feared it; but man [undertook to] bear it. Indeed, he was unjust and ignorant”.

The principle should be who we are and our responsibility towards our creator and then it involves into different stages. We are Creator’s vicegerent and His servant. In our classrooms from the beginning we need to stress and help children understand traditional concepts. These concepts have to go together i.e, we are Creator’s servant and we have to submit ourselves to Him. Just like we serve the boss in any organization in this world – we listen and do all our duties with complete obedience and take all orders. By virtue of submission to Creator we automatically become his Ruler on this earth. Now, this is something dangerous, a big responsibility and we get all kinds of powers. As a teacher too, we have a big responsibility and powers to make a child or break a child.

This power is what it has made us today, masters of everything and control on everyone around us – We follow a simple philosophy called “Survival of the Fittest”. We hate being servant and our ego plays a big role in accepting this. This attitude is ruining us and modern man is trying to be ruler without being His servant.

We have to change our perception and consider Creator as center of things, we owe our existence and the powers in us to him – be it power of logic, reasoning, physical, emotional.

This should run through each one of us and our children. This should be the basis for our existence, why we pray, fast, be kind, be honest, be humble and be generous.

The day we could do this only then we can call ourselves as teachers with responsibility. 


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