Executive Summary – Diopin


Dear Friends,

As the global world looks for leadership in solving the myriad of challenges facing us today — from the global economic crisis to changes in the climate – we are reminded of our roles as teachers in shaping our students to face the challenges. Our mission should be clear and more vital.

It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that since the formation of Direct Opinion Consultancy, we are doing our best and plan to increase our efforts to help students. We are committed to continue the high level of support and to find new resources and expert educationists to expand our student aid program.
Today’s generation is living in a 4G networking system, with diverse android society, new technologies and ever expanding opportunities. According to a survey by the United Stated Department of Labor 65% of today’s school kids end up in jobs that haven’t been invented yet. Teachers have to reinvent themselves to help ensure that today’s kids are prepared for these jobs and make them good future generation parents, workers, leader and global citizen. Support and guiding them at their early age to face unique and diverse challenges, both personally and developmentally, that impact an all round achievement which is very important.

As teachers we have to communicate more effectively to reduce the paradigm shift as there would be a mix and match in the coming years and emphasize on different opportunities that today’s generation has to offer. Better communication with their students help schools in education development, manage and anticipate the change.

Teachers are the backbone of any educational institution. Without the mentors being fully prepared to meet the challenges of current world, it is not possible for them to be a good teacher/facilitator. We shall continue to strive to offer the best possible training for teachers and heads of the school. Our professional courses, which offer classroom experience; our internships, guest lectures and practical training provide the teachers with critical hands-on experiences.

Today parents are more aware and are interested in providing the best facilities and education for their kids and would not compromise on quality. I am convinced, they look at cost effectiveness, making them more demanding. This will encourage all teachers to match their expectations and provide consistency in the classroom and this means, among other things, they really will have to do something about weak teaching and teachers. Educationists love to debate on the different techniques and strategies required to build up the best of schools. As the debate never ends; most researchers agree that Indian civilization and education were amongst the best in the world. The teaching techniques and technologies have made rapid advancement in the field of education. Affordability of these advancements is a big hurdle to schools as only a few of them can opt for it.

What happens to the schools which are struggling to give the basic infrastructure to students? How do school managements find solution to their day-today problems? This was the question which was haunting me and thus came Direct Opinion Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.


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