Leadership – A Challenge


Leadership ~~ A Challenge

A school principal is a leader who is a role model and leads by an example. You should be an initiator, enthusiastic, child-friendly and the school vision should be their central focus point. Your vision should be to create leaders for independent India and not slaves who work for western countries.  Every activity in the school campus should revolve around the children and it should be the best for them. If the activities are not child-friendly then the whole exercise is going to be a waste and children lose interest in coming to school. You should be always available to the entire school staff, parents and students.  Good leaders are those who stay calm in difficult situations, thinks before they act, and put the needs of the school before them. An effective leader steps up to fill in the loopholes as needed, even if it isn’t a part of their daily routine.

You should be able to motivate the teachers to accept challenges and be the best. They should be facilitators of learning opportunities for students. Your students should experience meaningful personal growth every day.

The vision of the school has to be implemented slowly and it takes quite some time in achieving it. You have to be consistent with your day to day activities and take necessary steps to bring in the change. If your approach is fast and if you take one large step, then it will not only be overwhelming, but it will overwhelm your staff and students. You have to be a great sales person to sell your vision to the teachers and get them to buy in. You should be able to make the teacher believe that every second of theirs in the school should center on what is best for the student. Once they are sold on that concept, then together you will be able to create a society of leaders. You have to do the same thing with parents too because they are the secondary partners who will help you in achieving the school vision and put your school on the map as the best school in town.

As a principal it is important for you to establish a sense of responsibility among the parents and the community within and around your campus. This will promote growth in the school which includes management, educationists, teachers, support staff, students, parents, social workers, businesses, and all tax payers within the neighbourhood. Often we focus only inside the school campus, when the outside world has many positive effects and rewards which will benefit you, your teachers and students. It is necessary to plan and implement strategies on how to use outside resources for the growth of your school.

School leadership is taking a step to the forefront of a situation and take command by overseeing, delegating, and providing guidance. As a principal, you should be trusted and respected and this doesn’t come through a title alone. This is something that you need to earn with time and hard work. It is always said that the younger should respect elders and this can happen only if elders give respect to the juniors. As a leader you are sometimes forced to take tough decisions which may not be accepted by all but when you know the decision taken is important and right then it requires patience and convincing skills to implement what you want.  It also depends on how well you have been accepted by the team and the respect you have earned then all your major decisions will be accepted without questioning. However, as a leader you should be prepared to defend a decision if it has the best interest of your students in mind.

As a Principal you should be able to provide an atmosphere that promotes and advance the quality of daily activities for each individual within the school. Your tasks should be prioritized based on this which in turn will create a happy and enthusiastic environment in the campus building for those who are teaching and learning.

The teacher evaluation process is a major part of your job. The appraisal of teachers should be done with prior information and on a regular basis. Supervision of what is happening around you should also be prioritized. The evaluation should be done formally and informally every day. To build a positive relationship with the teachers always enter their classroom with the idea that he/she is the best teacher in the school. However, remember that there are areas where every teacher can improve upon. Motivate and encourage your staff to be good facilitators and there tell them there are better ways to educate students. Provide them with ample time, resources and strategies to implement your ideas and theirs in the classroom.

Your role as a principal covers many areas but being an effective leader is hardworking and time consuming. If you are able to balance all your roles and work hard to ensure that your schools’ vision is always kept ahead of your personal vision then achieving the same will be one of the easiest tasks in life.


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